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Giovanni Ciccarelli, actually operating as independent consultant, was General Manager at CIS Ecologia, a construction and project management firm in Italy. Dr. Ciccarelli has worked on a RTD project, Eurolifeform that allows for great competitive advantages in PFI and PPP projects. In this project, European construction companies, universities, and research institutions were involved. Previously, he was a Project Manager at Acieroid, an EPC contractor. Dr. Ciccarelli has over 25 years of professional experience in project management, tenders, and contracts based on international FIDIC regulations. He is knowledgeable about building construction and infrastructure projects as well as preparation of feasibility studies and technical proposals. As an Operation Manager and Director in public and private construction and consulting companies, Dr. Ciccarelli has acquired knowledge of the project cycle of the important international donors and the local authorities in a number of countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and latin America.