Abeba Birhane

Newcrafts Paris talkI gave a talk on the above title at NewCrafts Paris 2019 conference and was asked for bibliography underlying the content of my talk so here it is. I have included the abstract below to provide some context. I might also write a blog sometime in the future so watch this space. 🙂

Abstract: Imagine a world where we are able to predict people’s behaviour with precision. A world, for example, where we can tell whether someone is going to a commit crime before they do. A lot of our problems would just disappear. The quest for absolute certainty has been at the top of Western science’s agenda. In a similar fashion, current technological developments tend to strive for generalizability and predictability. We value certainty, stability and uniformity. Whereas most of reality, instead of being orderly and stable is seething with change, disorder and process. People, far from being predictable…

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