Active Intelligence Systems will take care of our Well being

Belongs to the philosophy of technology.
From Artificial Intelligence to (Pro) Active intelligence, to take care of human needs and, “someone could argue”, create new ones. A growing role of Ethics is expected and needed. Very impressive.


Autonomous behaviors for machines will be a frequent asked option. Individualized options or offerings on a universal scale becomes feasible. Artificial Intelligence, big data, IoT and others so called exponential as well as linear technologies enable content and experiences to be proactively tailored to the user with an unprecedented level of relevance along the whole industrial chains

In fact, the infusion of digital technologies into the basic ground of our society is the biggest transformation phenomena characterizing our post-industrial society during last 20 years or so. There is a clear tendency that is asking us to put machines, and the overall mechanization, at the heart of every process transformation, in every industry sector.

The ingredients that allow all of that are well known and include the pervasive capacity to interconnect things in networks to collect data from the physical world (Internet of Things), the wide availability and the ability to…

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  1. What it’s dissimulated behind all these smart and perhaps purposely overcomplicated arguments, is that by getting folks used to save mental energy by letting machines think in their behalf, industry started to replace humans by machines, labor costs by capex, KPIs to be improved by KPIs investors appreciate more.
    I’ve tried to ask most of popular questions to a known digital personal assistant “living” on my smartphone…. answers were very funny and I understood why people use more and more such a technology. I then tried to ask more useful questions, to get help in taking everyday decisions…. I started to get a consistent answer: “that’s an interesting question”. I kind of feel that the help all this “intelligence” is supposed to provide to humanity is actually to run down the disruptive road somebody already draw to achieve its targets, in a more comfortable and entertaining way… so that people is captivated by the journey and care less about the destination.

  2. True! However, the debate is moving forward. “What does it mean for a machine to understand”? What are the opportunities and what are the risks? From whom must we defend ourselves, the machines or those who propose them as a solution to our inadequacies? Below an interesting piece (8 minutes reading, beyond the title ..)
    Visualizza su


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