Quotable Quotation

Often the problem is not the problem, but the way in which the same is interpreted and the consequent solution, the outcome of which can be dramatic” *

Dedicated to the world ruling class, and to all those who have the burden and the honor of making decisions having received a mandate, more or less broad and defined, to do so.

* Franco D’Egidio – La fine della Grande Illusione – Sperling & Kupfer 1998

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  1. And what about those that didn’t receive any mandate but just grab the right to be there? We should enlarge the quote to this “new” category of folks.
    Well, if we start by looking at present situation with a mood like “there are no problems, just opportunities to improve”, the future will start looking less dark.
    Question is: are we facing problems or are we simply put in condition to be distracted by them, so that we wont focus on more relevant things?


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